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Holiday Lunch at an Upscale Restaurant

Today I was able to experience an adventure that felt like one of my top three outings of all time. If you were to ask me what my top three outings were, I'd have to say getting a pedicure en femme for the first time was one of them, but I don't really have a specific list. I just know that when this outing was finished, I felt great and kept telling Danielle that this was one of the best experiences I've ever had crossdressed as a girl in public.

I think I've referenced this recently, but Danielle and I love to eat lunch together. We're able to meet two or three times a month, and the best case scenario is that both of us are dressed. The next best scenario is that one of us is dressed as a girl, but if we have to go out for lunch as two guys on the exterior, that's okay too. Our lunch sessions as two guys are extremely therapeutic for me, and it's wonderful to have a confidant like this whom I can discuss anything with face to face.

Danielle and I have been trading off taking each other to lunch where the host goes as the guy and the guest goes as the girl, and so when Danielle's turn came up, she was sweet enough to plan an outing for me where I could wear that new floral dress we bought together at the Dress Barn.

As part of Danielle's business, she often treats clients to lunch, and so she informed me of an up-scale restaurant in the heart of the city called the New Yorker. She had been there just the week before and said that the holiday decorations where gorgeous, and so she made some time today in her busy schedule to take me to the New Yorker where I was dressed as a girl.

I've already revealed the dress I wore, but I did still have a choice to make when it came to hosiery and shoes. Because the weather outside was extremely cold, opaque tights with my new boots may have been the most practical choice, but I wanted my legs to shine, and so I ended up wearing L'eggs Active Support pantyhose in a suntan shade, and then I wore them with a modest pair of black heels with a cute bow on the toes. I say modest because these shoes do have heels; they're just not as high as a typical black pump.

Danielle said that after lunch she'd like to take me to the Grand Hotel in the city to view some Christmas displays, and so I brought my high-heeled boots along for that, but when it came to eating lunch at an up-scale restaurant, I was going to show off my legs in pantyhose. : )  The final piece to my winter outfit that I should mention was a crème-colored wool coat with a hood on the back.

Danielle and I met downtown near the New Yorker, and then she graciously drove the two of us to the restaurant because she wanted me to experience having the valet attendant open the door for me. As I climbed into Danielle's car, she surprised me with a fun Christmas bag brimming with red tissue paper. I was so grateful and yet embarrassed to receive another act of generosity, but Danielle was anxious for me to open the gift right there in the car.

The bag actually contained two treasures...the first and most important was a beautifully-crafted leather purse in a soft pink and almost coral color.  You can see me clutching the purse in the pic above where I'm showing off my full outfit.  The purse has an adjustable strap and is the perfect size for my needs. It has multiple compartments that zip up, and then there are exterior pockets and a cute buckle on one side. It is such a gorgeous purse and one that you will definitely see me using the next little while. Thanks Danielle!!

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