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Over the years, I've learned to pass as a woman quite well when venturing out in public crossdressed, and now it's time to perfect the method of passing in more intimate settings.  As a transgender girl, one of my biggest challenges is not only wearing lingerie but looking good in it.  The last few years, I've worked hard to get my body into shape where I would feel comfortable doing lingerie photo shoots again, and so I'm way excited to reintroduce everyone to my lingerie drawer.

Part 5:  Garter Belt

For today's item, I'm finally going to delve into my sister's lingerie drawer and borrow her black garter belt with a hint of red trim.  I've tried garter belts in the past, but they always seemed to be more trouble than they were worth, and while I did have some difficulty at times attaching the garter belt to my black stockings and nude stockings, it turned out fun in the end.  I also briefly use a black half slip to demurely cover the garter belt in just a few of the pics, but this piece of lingerie is so pretty it needs to stand on its own.


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Black Slip

Black Basics

Pink Slip

White Slip Bralette

Garter Belt

Lisa in Red


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