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Last updated Sep 29, 2015

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a cross dresser in a red mini-skirt and pantyhose

Welcome To My Crossdressing Diary!

My name is Lisa, and I am transgender. I was born a genetic male and still live the majority of my life in that role, but inside I identify with the female gender and yearn for all things feminine. This gender dysphoria creates an interesting dynamic in my life to say the least, but it is something of which I have learned to embrace and take full advantage. I use cross dressing as a means to bring the girl inside to the surface, and this enables me to venture out into public as what some might label a male to female cross dresser. I know it goes much deeper than that, and so this website explores my innermost thoughts and feelings and chronicles my public adventures out and about as the girl, Lisa.

I detail throughout my diary how some of my earliest memories from childhood have to do with cross dressing and my desires to be a girl. In my history, I also write about the major points in my life when I actually tried to abandon crossdressing altogether, but every attempt failed as you can probably relate to. It is part of me and has been from the beginning, and I have come to not only accept it but enjoy it! There is just a different feeling inside of me when I transition into a girl, so this website celebrates all of the great things associated with being a girl and documents my frequent ventures into mainstream society where I am crossdressed as a woman.

Hopefully my diary is clean and tasteful and will give most readers exactly what they're looking for including plenty of crossdresser pics. Armed with my digital camera and cell phone, I carefully document every single adventure as a girl whether I'm shopping for shoes, groceries, or even lingerie. I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoy being Lisa, and come back often since you never know where my next adventure will take me. :-)

Lisa's summer girl adventures continue!  Her updates from July/August are posted below:

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Recent Updates (Summer 2015)
- Lisa & Heidi visit a French château
- Lisa purchases a new outfit for summer
- Lisa and Heidi on a nature hike

* Photoshoot dressed in office outfits

Latest Public Crossdressing Photos
French style château with Heidi Phox

Pretty poses at parks and flower gardens

Pictures crossdressed at the grocery store


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